Neverland Space
Adam Ferriss – Unordered Switch

Adam Ferriss – Unordered Switch

8. Oct. 2013 – 25. Nov. 2013

Algorithms are small procedures, consisting of formulas. Their goal is to solve problems. In current times the term gained popularity through Google and other services using algorithms to predict things users might interest. Adam Ferriss makes use of this technology to create images. An algorithm determines that one pixel is bigger than it's neighbor, it will "swap" them and they will continue trading places in this way until they are all correctly sorted. The outcome of the artwork is depending on the different parameters the artists applies to the application. For 'Unordered Switch' Ferriss created an algorithm that makes illogical changes of the imagery exchanging not only colors but also opacity (alpha channels). The texture is then mapped onto 3d geometric compositions to echo the original pixel forms.

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